Benefits of Shopping On-Line For Tuscan Home Decor

Choosing the most suitable Tuscan home decor for your home depends on your personal tastes and budget, your home’s layout and the choice of products available to you. Fortunately for consumers, the abundance of online home decor stores has greatly increased over the past few years, lending you more options. Shopping for home decor online gives you greater access to a wide range of products, availability and even discounts resulting from the nature of their business models.

One of the most important differences you may encounter when visiting an online home decor retailer is that there is a greater choice of items for sale. You will no longer have to drive from store to store looking for a specific type of textile, or different color choices for decorative items such as vases or dinnerware. Online shopping outlets often make wholesale purchases of items when they are ordered by their customers, so you are not limited to stock on hand.

When shopping online, be sure to inquire about full manufacturer lines and don’t be limited by what you see in the store’s online catalog alone. Many online retailers will share with you their full catalogs and extend their standard discounting and shipping terms for this service. This saves you gas money, time and, of course, your patience. And, it’s like having a personal interior decorator at your service…without the cost!

Along with greater product access and availability, online Tuscan home decor stores often offer discounts which some traditional stores aren’t able to offer due to overhead costs that must be met each month and the need to sell existing inventories. Also, free shipping neutralizes the cost of buying online immediately and saves you time and money which you would have spent driving to a brick and mortar store.

Another significant advantage to online shopping is that e-tailers are often not required to charge sales tax. If you think not paying sales tax doesn’t make a difference, think again. In California, sales tax can account for up to 9.75% of the purchase price, which adds up quickly. The benefits of online shopping are not only convenience, but a greater variety of Tuscan home décor essentials at killer savings!

With more choices for your home decor needs, you can really stretch your creative decorating abilities and budget, and choose what is exactly right for you. You will no longer have to feel constrained by lack of inventory or the personal tastes of your local retailer.

Benefits of Shopping Online for Tuscan Home Decor

- Greater assortment of product colors, sizes and variety.

- Competitive pricing due to no- or low-overhead coupled with the same wholesale pricing as brick and

mortar stores.

- Discount promotions such as no sales tax, free shipping and percentage discounts.

- Greater purchasing convenience to customer without sacrificing quality.

Although you will need to exercise some patience while waiting for your order to arrive, you will ultimately experience twice the gratification we all feel when we purchase something we really love – first when you make the purchase decision and check out; second when your products arrive!

Happy Online Shopping!

Unique Home Decor Basics

At some point in your life, you must have walked into a home and felt like you could live there; you feel so at home and are not in a hurry to leave. Granted, the cost of employing an expert to give you that unique home decor can be a challenge to many, it should not be so. The idea of creating a beautiful home varies from person to person and most of the time, hinges on the practicality of the decorating design. For example, some decor ideas are not suitable for large families or family with kids, pets, etc. With little help from many online resources, you can create your ideal home all by yourself!

The home is an extension of our personality and taste, whatever the size, it is your personal touch and unique home decor style that makes it comfortable and warm and sets it apart from other houses.
Home decoration is not more about cost or stuffing your house with expensive junk, but about patience research and careful planning; being creative with whatever materials and furniture you can lay hands on and playing with the elements and lighting to create a space that is at peace with you and caters to your living needs.

One of the best ways to decorate your ideal home is to strip it all clutters, leaving only the traditional basics. The next step is to start decorating with the base furniture in mind and then fill in other furniture based purely on need. For example, in a bedroom, what catches the eye on entrance is the bed – this is the traditional base of the room. Decorating the bedroom around the bed – frame, mattress and cabinets, makes it a lot easier to create harmony with the other furnishing materials. This model could be adopted for all the other rooms in the home to create that dream home.

Of course, you need to incorporate a few ideas from others to create your ideal home but, to get that unique home decor you have been dreaming of, it has to be based on your unique needs. This means that what works for other home might not work for yours – you need your unique style.

Home Decorating Advice

I am often asked for home decorating advice from people hoping for a quick answer of color, style and painting techniques. Although I’d love to help, there is never a simple answer when it comes to home decor. Your room’s ‘flavor’ is as complex as you are, as varied as each member of your family, as interesting as your pets. Akin to the clothes you wear, room decor is personal. Therefore the first rule in decorating is that there are no set rules – only guidelines.

Here are just a few of those guidelines:

  1. Trust Your Own Style and Taste You know more about your favorite colors, furniture styles and art than you think. Your home should reflect your personality.
  2. Focal Points Choose one favorite or grand element in a room, say a fireplace or a large picture window, and make this the focal point of the room. Decorate around the item or area – placing furniture and objects around it to attract a visitor’s attention and to give the room cohesiveness. Windows are great for this, especially if your favorite flower garden or fountain is just outside.
  3. Choosing A Theme Every room begins with a theme – even if eclectic. This could be a color, or a style – my favorites are French Country and Farmhouse. Having a theme gives you a starting point to carry you through each phase of room decor. (More about the phases later.)
  4. Deciding on Paint If your room doesn’t have any distinguishing elements (see #2) consider painting a wall a unique or even your favorite color. This creates a focal point where there once was none. A co-ordinating piece of framed art or decorative wall decor will set it off nicely and with a comfortable chair, an interesting table or a gorgeous bed frame you’ve just created the majority of the room in a few steps.
  5. Don’t Forget the Floors Area rugs are an inexpensive way to define a room. You can lay them straight or on an angle, purchase them to match wall colors exactly and they come in all types of designs and styles.
  6. Art and Mirrors The glass from framed art or simple mirrors reflect light from natural and and added light sources and give dimension to a room. Mirrors perform double duty as well as they create an illusion of space.
  7. Lighting My favorite decorating aspect – lighting. There are so many wonderful chandeliers, table lamps, ceiling fan lighting, track lighting, monorail systems – there is just no end to the variety. Go on a quest to find just the perfect lighting for each room and you won’t be disappointed. Your local home hardware or renovation store represents about 1% of the possibilities – shop online for lots of ideas, custom made, vintage and more lighting sources. You will never regret the time and even a little added expense to have fixtures that no one else has – they make the room!
  8. Furniture Placement Just when you think you have everything in place and your room is ‘finished’, try this. Move the furniture around. Try it on an angle, try groupings of chairs, add a nook for reading only, re-arrange around a different focal point – then sit in the room and imagine having one friend or five in that space with you. In your mind, live in the room. You’d be surprised how many times just changing the placement of your furniture can make a room feel new.
  9. Potted Plants Plants clean the air, make a room feel alive and impact the décor of a room. If placed strategically large plants can hide flaws in a room.

I hope these tips and ideas start you on your creative path to decorating your home or room. I strongly suggest getting a few books on your favorite style to get the ideas flowing and help you define your taste before you begin.